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Pickles, Chutney & Relish
Features: Fair trade, rescued, organic
This small Sydney based social enterprise makes 3 types of chutneys: (1) Rescued chutneys - wonky and wounded produce local farmers are unable to sell; (2) Fairtrade chutneys - uses fairtrade ingredients, first and only ones across AU & NZ; (3) Organic chutneys - use local organic produce. Available online.
Manufacturer: Eat Me Chutneys
Features: Australian owned and made from food waste, vegan
This Australian family-owned company makes a range of fruit spreads, chutney, relishes and fruit pastes from fruit and vegetables that have been rejected by retailers. All of their preserves are vegan friendly and naturally gluten free.
Manufacturer: Ugly Duck Fine Foods
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Australian Owned
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