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Animal Testing
"Animal testing rests on a logical contradiction. It is 'because animals are like us' that experiments are useful, yet it is 'because animals are not like us' that makes it morally okay to experiment on animals." Prof. Charles R. Magel
In Australia 6.5 million animals are used for research and teaching each year, many in testing for cosmetic products. Animal toxicity tests involve blinding and poisoning of animals. They are subjectively assessed and the results can vary depending upon the species, age, sex and condition of individual animals. Testing is not mandatory in Australia, however manufacturers are asked to conduct whatever tests are appropriate, in their opinion, to establish that their cosmetics or household products are safe.
In March 2009, Europe introduced a ban on animal testing of cosmetics, prohibiting the testing of cosmetics on animals in cases where non-animal alternatives are available, and the sale of animal tested cosmetics no matter where they are produced.
Have your say in the Australian campaign to ban animal testing of cosmetics, and find non-tested products.