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Genetic Engineering
Currently the only genetically engineered (GE) food crops commercially produced in Australia are cotton and canola. Both these can be labelled under 'vegetable oil' without any indication that they are GE. Processed food commonly contains GE ingredients, mainly through imported corn, soy and cottonseed oil.
GE crops pose a very real threat to our food because, as living organisms, they can reproduce and spread and so once released they cannot be recalled. Their effects are irreversible.
Concerns over genetically engineered (GE) food include unknown health risks, threats to biodiversity, contamination of conventional and organic crops, increase in pesticide and herbicide use, and control over our food by multinational chemical companies who legally own the patents on the technology.
Look for foods labelled 'GMO free', 'GE-free', 'Not genetically modified', certified 'Organic' & 'Bio-dynamic' or items that are 'Product of Australia' (except food containing cottonseed & canola oil)
Check the 'GM-Free Shopping List' for all brands guaranteed GM-free by their manufacturer (assurance they are not using GM ingredients anywhere in the food chain, including animal feed).
Snapshot: What is genetically modified food, why is it controversial and how do I know if I’m eating it?